The  Relationship  Practice
for Adults, Children, Couples, Families,
Teams and Organizations
Trauma Transformation
in, through and with cultures
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A safe place for people with stress


People with trauma (Developmental trauma /

Complex trauma) -

Affected persons, relatives, specialists


Here you will find empathy and acceptance.

With me you can integrate what is not integrated yet: express anger, receive consolation, and find joy and aliveness again.


For people who want to live their life goals,

be seen and heard


 live the desires of their hearts



Here you will find competent and experienced support for mastering your life goals and for building

alive families, teams, companies and institutions

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Modern Living Space


for Couples, Individuals, Families

Relationship problems

Stress, fear, crisis

Trauma related relationship problems

Secondary stress, Compassion Fatigue

Transcultural Relationships

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for Individuals & Teams

In and after crises

Transition and moves

Cross-cultural life

Personal development

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for Teams and Individuals

  • Fall-Supervision

  • Team-Supervision

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Natural Beauty


Individual & Groups


Stress tolerance

Dealing with feelings

Interpersonal skills

Self worth

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For those who work with traumatised Children, Youth or Adults in, through and with cultures

  • Developmental Trauma knowledge

  • Resource-oriented skills from Psychotherapy and Trauma Pedagogy

  • Resilience for the prevention of Emotional disorders

  • Competencies for a good Self-care practice

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You will benefit from my 20 years of experience with traumatized people.


I work with people from countries and cultures,

from different religions and world views.


In our deepest parts, the heart, we are all the same

with ours strengths and weaknesses, desires and longings.

There is a lot to discover!


I help you to rediscover your lost aliveness and how to live your life from the heart, especially focussing on your attachment dynamics, your identity, your coping mechanisms

and trauma dynamics. My working model is resource-oriented, wholistic and psychodynamic. It emphasizes work in the present moment, uses somatic mindfulness to re-regulate the nervous system and remove identity distortions such as

low self-esteem, shame, and chronic self-judgment.

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